UF-Amino Station

LC/MS Ultra Fast Amino Acid Analysis System

Automated Derivatization Improves Efficiency and Reliability

Derivatization by Automatic Pretreatment

The autosampler pretreatment functions are used to draw in the sample and reaction reagent and to mix them with the reaction solution.
The mixed sample is loaded into the heated reaction unit where it is heated to promote the derivatization reaction. The reacted sample is then introduced into the sample loop and injected.
The automated pretreatment process enhances the reproducibility of the derivatization and improves efficiency.

Analysis and Pretreatment in Parallel Improves Efficiency

When the sample solution that was derivatized by automatic pretreatment is injected into the column and analysis starts, the autosampler starts the derivatization of the next sample. While chromatographic analysis is being performed on the one sample, the next sample, derivatization reagent, and reaction solution are mixed and introduced into the reaction unit. This process eliminates time losses and improves analytical efficiency. In addition, the short analysis times and low mobile phase flow rate (0.3 mL/minute) reduce the mobile phase consumption. This reduces running costs and lowers the environmental impact.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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