UF-Amino Station

LC/MS Ultra Fast Amino Acid Analysis System

Diverse Applications Using UF-Amino Station

Analysis of meat extracts using PTC pre-column derivatization and UV detection results in amino acid peaks that overlap each other or suffer matrix interference, which often impair the accuracy of quantitation. UF-Amino Station exploits the high selectivity of LC/MS to offer accurate detection and quantitation, even in complex matrices like meat Faster Analysis of Food and Biological Samples extracts or culture fluids.
Naturally, it can also be applied to the conventional quantitative analysis of amino acids in beverages and fermented foods.

Amino Acid Analysis in Commercial Serum-Free Medium (supplied by Ajinomoto Co. Inc.)

Analysis of Amino Acids in Commercial Tea Drink

Analysis of Amino Acids in Commercial Beer

Analysis of Amino Acids in Rat Blood Plasma

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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