iPad® Control Enhances Productivity in HPLC System Operations

iPad® Control

The Shimadzu Nexera® and Prominence HPLC systems now have expanded Web server functionality. The expanded functionality of CBM-20A/20Alite HPLC system controllers enable users to monitor and control Shimadzu HPLC systems from anywhere using an iPad. Your analytical workflow can be improved from system and column cleaning to system maintenance.

Operational Status for Multiple HPLCs at a Glance

Using an iPad, operational status can be easily assessed, even from a separate room. Having an iPad at your desk allows you to devote yourself to other projects with peace of mind, knowing that you can quickly retrieve information about completed analyses or errors that have occurred, all without visiting the lab. Hardware-related errors such as a maximum pump pressure error is instantly displayed in the window. Therefore, instrument down-time can be minimized.

Assess the Status of Lab Instruments in Real Time

Instrument maintenance management is required in regulated pharmaceutical laboratories. Using an iPad, maintenance data such as the status of consumables in networked instruments can be assessed at a glance instead of monitored on an instrument-to instrument basis. If parts in use exceed their control lifetimes, they are flagged with an exclamation "!" mark. Even more detailed information can be confirmed by logging in to the corresponding instrument.

Perform Column and Flow Line Cleaning Without the Workstation PC

HPLC system and analysis column cleaning are important for acquiring high-quality data. The Shimadzu HPLC web server functionality not only monitors the system, but also provides a control environment for these tasks. Using an iPad, HPLC system and column cleaning, as well as conditioning can be performed, even from a separate location.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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