Shim-pack SCR Series

HPLC Column Solutions

Shim-pack SCR Series

Shim-pack SCR-101N/C/P are suitable for the analysis of monosaccharides. Since the samples are separated under a mixed mode of gel filtration and ligand exchange, the selectivity differs depending on the type of cation.
Shim-pack SCR-101H and SCR-102H are ion exclusion chromatography columns, using H type sulfonated styrene polymer as stationary phase. They are ideal for analysis of organic acids using an acid aqueous solution (e.g. aqueous solution of perchloric acid) as mobile phase.

Analysis Examples

Analysis of Saccharide Standard

  1. PEG 4000
  2. Maltose
  3. Glucose
  4. Fructose
  5. Glycerol
  6. Ethanol
  7. Sorbitol
Column Shim-pack SCR-101C (300 mmL × 7.9 mmI.D., 10 μm)
(P/N: 228-17889-91)
Mobile Phase Water
Flow Rate 1.0 mL/min
Col. Temp. 80 ℃
Detection RID

Analysis of Organic Acids

  1. Phosphoric acid
  2. α-Ketoglutaric acid
  3. Citric acid
  4. Pyruvic acid
  5. Malic acid
  6. Succinio acid
  1. Lactic acid
  2. Formic acid
  3. Fumaric acid
  4. Acetic acid
  5. Levulinic acid
  6. Pyroglutamic acid
Column Shim-pack SCR-102H (2 columns in series)
(P/N: 228-17893-91)
Mobile Phase 5 mM p-Toluene sulfonic acids aqueous solution
Flow Rate 0.8 mL/min
Col. Temp. 40 ℃
Detection CDD (pH buffer organic acids analysis system)

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Product Information

Column Stationary
(I.D. x Length, mm)
P/N Guard
Na type
sulfone group
10 7.9 x 300 228-07730-92 228-09619-92
Ca type
sulfone group
10 7.9 x 300 228-17889-91 228-17891-91
Pb type
sulfone group
10 7.9 x 300 228-17890-91 228-17892-91
H type
sulfone group
10 7.9 x 300 228-07730-93 228-09619-93
H type
sulfone group
7 8.0 x 300 228-17893-91 228-17924-91

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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