Shim-pack GWS Series

HPLC Column Solutions

Medium retentivity and high inertness

Analysis Examples

Cold medication


 Column  Shim-pack GWS C18
 (150 mmL. x 4.6 mmI.D., 5 μm)
 Eluent  A) 0.1%H3PO4
 = 90/10 - 2 min - 90/10 - 10 min - 0/100
 Flow Rate  1.0 mL/min.
 Col. Temp.  40 °C
 Detection  UV 210 nm
 Injection Vol.  10 μL


  Shim-pack GWS C18
Bonded Phase Octadecyl Groups
Analysis Mode Reversed Phase
Features Economical C18 column with medium retentivity and high inertness
Particle Size (μm) 5
Pore Size (nm) 10
Surface Area (m2/g)
Carbon Loading (%) 9.5
End Cap
pH Range 2-7.5
USP Code L1

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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