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Column Fittings

UHPLC Fittings
(Pressure Tolerance: 130MPa)

A UHPLC fitting is installed to the column inlet tubing in a UHPLC system. Not only can it tolerate pressure of 130MPa, it can be re-used when following the proper tightening torque specifications.

P/N Description Packed Pieces
228-56867-41 UHPLC Fitting S 1
228-56867-42 UHPLC Fitting L * 1
228-56867-43 UHPLC Fitting S 10
228-56866 Extender Tool for UHPLC Fittings 1

* UHPLC Fitting L is 5 mm longer than UHPLC Fitting S. It is recommended to be used when a channel switching valve (FCV-32AH/34AH/36AH) is installed.

Male Nut Fitting Set
(Pressure Tolerance: 35MPa)

The male nut fitting set is assembled with two SUS hand-tightened male nuts and two PEEK ferrules with taper-shaped ends. This product can be tightened by hand to connect with columns that tolerate pressure of 35 MPa.

P/N Description Packed Pieces
228-45717-01 Male Nut Fitting Set 2
228-45717-02 PEEK Ferrule 10

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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