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UHPLC/HPLC Columns (Reversed phase/ Normal Phase / HILIC )

Microscale Columns

  • Shim-pack MC Series
     -Standard Micro Columns for High Sensitivity Analysis of Components in Biological Samples with Metal Coordinative Adsorption Suppressed

SFC Columns


Pretreatment Columns


Size Exclusion Columns

  • Shim-pack GPC Series -Organic SEC (GPC) Columns for the measurement of molecular weight distribution of high polymers and oligomers
  • Shim-pack Bio Series 
     -Aqueous SEC (GFC) Columns for Aggregation and fragments analysis of Peptides, Oligonucleotides and Biopharmaceuticals
  • Shim-pack Diol -Aqueous SEC (GFC) Columns 

Ion Exchange Columns


Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Columns


Ion Chromatography Columns


Dedicated Columns

 Analysis of Amino Acids 


 Analysis of Sugar and Organic Acids

  • Shim-pack Fast-OA -High-speed Organic Acid Analysis Column, Quick and easy monitoring of culture or fermentation processes.
  • Shim-pack SCR Series -For the analysis of monosaccharides and organic acids by ligand exchange + size exclusion and ion exclusion mode
  • Shim-pack ISC Series -For the analysis of guanidiono compounds (ISC-05)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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