Shim-pack PREP Series

HPLC Column Solutions

Shim-pack PREP series is packed with fully porous spherical silica particles on which respective stationary phases are chemically bonded. (Except the PREP-SIL which is packed with silica particles without any surface treatment.)
The residual silanol groups are end-capped by the unique silylation method (except the PREP-SIL).

Product Information

Column Particle Size (µm) Dimensions (I.D. x Length, mm) P/N Guard Column
Shim-pack PREP-ODS 15 20 x 250 228-00815-91 228-18246-92
Shim-pack PREP-ODS (K) 15 20 x 250 228-18319-91 228-18321-91
Shim-pack PREP-C8 15 20 x 250 228-00816-91 228-18248-92
Shim-pack PREP-CN 15 20 x 250 228-00818-91 228-18266-92
Shim-pack PREP-SIL 15 20 x 250 228-00814-91 228-18270-92

Preparative columns are also available in Shim-pack G Series.

For the information of Preparative Chromatography System, please click here.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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