LH-40 Liquid Handler

The LH-40 Liquid Handler, Combination of Autosampler and Fraction Collector

LH-40 Liquid Handler,


Syringe Kit 20 mL

This kit enables large-capacity injections of 2 mL or more at one time. The maximum injection volume is 20 mL.

Washing Pump

This reduces the washing time for the injection needle, increasing throughput while reducing carryover.

Analysis Kit

The recovered fraction can be reanalyzed to check the purity.

Liquid Surface Detection Needle

This detects the liquid surface level, and automatically determines whether there is any sample present. As a result, only the remaining volume is injected, which prevents the injection of air into columns. Additionally, if no sample is present, the system can proceed to the next sample, reducing needless errors and lost labor.



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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