High Throughput Autosampler


High throughput is the key word for modern HPLC analysis. The SIL-HT is the best performing autosampler in terms of sample injection speed, sample capacity, and minimizing sample carryover of highly adsorbent sample components. These features are in increasingly high demand and essential for high throughput analysis. The SIL-HT has been developed to meet such users' requirements and will also provide optimum results in your lab. The SIL-HT is available in two versions: the SIL-HTA, ambient model; and the SIL-HTC with sample temperature control from 4 to 40C.

High throughput

The SIL-HT maximizes analysis throughput with fast sample injection and high sample capacity. Injection speed is 15 seconds for injecting samples of 10µL . The SIL-HT is the fastest autosampler currently on the market.

Near-zero sample carryover

Recently, an increasing number of extremely basic and hydrophobic components are being used in new drug formulations. Since these chemical compounds strongly adsorb to the sampling needles or rotor seals (mainly Vespel) of autosamplers, cross contamination may not be reduced by simple rinsing. To minimize adsorption of such compounds, the outer surface of the sampling needle of the SIL-HT's autosampler is coated using a special, innovative surface processing technology (patent pending). Furthermore, by employing newly developed rotor seals and needle seals made of PEEK, the SIL-HT dramatically reduces contamination, even with the most highly adsorbent sample compounds. As a result, the SIL-HT demonstrates nearly zero sample carryover.

Excellent repeatability

The SIL-HT uses a needle-in-the-flow-path injection design (also called direct injection method or total volume injection method) and a high-performance measuring pump (6nL step resolution) for enhanced accuracy. This results in superior repeatability over conventional autosamplers. In addition, precious samples are not wasted since the total volume aspirated is injected.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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