Co-Sense for BA (Bio-sample Analysis)

Co-Sense for BA (Bio-sample Analysis)

Automate sample pretreatment for higher productivity.
Innovative, efficient analysis of bio-samples.

Bio-Sample Pretreatment Column

Bio-Sample Pretreatment Column

HPLC is widely employed in the analysis of drugs within bio-samples. Conditions of the sample pretreatment, as well as chromatographic conditions, are important factors that significantly affect the accuracy and sensitivity of the analysis. Co-Sense for BA, with its unique configuration comprised of the newly developed MAYI-ODS on-line SPE column and the on-line dilution flow channel, automatically and seamlessly conducts all processes from sample pretreatment to analysis. On-line pretreatment of bio-samples such as blood serum or plasma will remarkably enhance the efficiency, as well as reduce the labor, of the analysis.

Adoption of an On-line Dilution Bypass

Co-Sense for BA features the dilution bypass added in the sample introduction flow channel leading to the pretreatment column. Use of a buffer solution as the sample introduction mobile phase or adding a small amount of organic solvent to it ensures effective trapping and concentration of even drugs with a high rate of protein binding, leading to highly efficient deproteinization and a high recovery rate. Thus, direct injection of unprocessed blood plasma or blood serum has become possible.

SIL-HT High-Throughput Autosampler

The SIL-HT is the best performing autosampler in terms of sample injection speed, sample capacity, and minimizing sample carryover of highly adsorbent sample components.

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Temperature Control Encompasses the Pretreatment Column

Since the high pressure flow channel switching valve is placed inside the column oven, the temperature of the pretreatment column can be controlled accurately. Control of the pretreatment column temperature assures consistently high recovery rate and accurate analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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