Co-Sense for LC-MS

Co-Sense for LC-MS

In LC-MS, there are various factors which may preclude the applicability of HPLC with MS analysis, including the interference associated with non-volatile buffers often used in HPLC. Therefore, tedious procedures are adopted, in which separation and collection is conducted by HPLC, and after desalting and other processing, MS measurement is performed.

Co-Sense for LC-MS automates the entire process of separating and purifying the target compounds from the sample, including the processes of purifying, concentrating and desalting. This eliminates the need to select HPLC mobile phases to accommodate subsequent measurement using LC-MS.


Fully Automated Sample Processing

All sample processing, from introduction, separation and concentration of target compounds, desalting and solvent replacement, to transfer to the LC-MS, has been completely automated. This enhances operation efficiency, and eliminates errors associated with performing manual tasks. Online continuous processing also allows reliable, repeatable analysis even with unstable samples.

Higher Sensitivity Measurement

Concentrations of target compounds can be increased several x ten-fold compared with existing LC-MS, enabling acquisition of high S/N MS spectra in a shorter time for higher throughput.

Easier Operation

The system is controlled via graphical user interface software. With easy operation, the system operation status is known at a glance.

Co-Sense for LC-MS performs a 3-stage process either manually or automatically.


1. Separation: Separation of target compounds is performed using a preparative column, and the eluate is accumulated in a sample loop.


2. Concentration: The eluate inside the sample loop is introduced into a trap column for adsorption, desalting and concentrating.


3. Purification: Elution solvent is delivered to elute the target compunds from the trap column, and after further purification, the eluate is sent to the MS.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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