State-of-the-Art Auto Purification/Powderization System

Setting Samples at Any Time – Open Access –

The Crude2Pure is operated by the dedicated Open Solution Crude2Pure software. The software automatically selects condition settings. In addition to user support functionality such as login control functions, column history log function is provided to allow operation by multiple analysts. Samples can be set on the instrument at any time. There is virtually no risk of influence of sample carryover to the sample which was set already. The software can accommodate everything from personal systems to multi-user open access environments.

Share Systems Efficiently Between Multiple Researchers

When the Open Solution Crude2Pure is used in an open access environment using an Ethernet network and Internet Explorer, analysis data can be browsed from PCs on the network.
Also, the software has a function for notification of completed analyses by email, which means that you can check the analysis results in the office, then print or output them in PDF format with a single click. Thereby, the efficiency of analysis improves significantly.

To accommodate multi-sample processing in an open access environment, a sample changer can be used. Twelve racks (48 trapping columns) can be mounted to accommodate large-scale multi-sample processing and use by multiple users.

Both Trapping and Recovery Starts in Just 3 Steps

Requires just three steps from login to start both trapping and recovery. Trapping information and other conditions can be configured in an interactive format. There is no need to learn special software operations. The same type of operations are used for trapping and recovery, so anyone can easily perform automatic purification.

The system is controlled by LabSolutions Automated Purification System.
Trapping conditions and other detailed settings are performed by the system administrator using this software.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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