Refractive Index Detector


30%*Savings in Solvent Usage over Conventional Performance and Reduced Environmental Burden

The amount of mobile phase consumed can be saved by returning column eluate to the mobile phase bottle during intervals when no component peaks are eluted. Cost of analysis per sample is reduced and burden placed on the environment is mitigated. The recycle valve kit can be attached to the RID-20A and the SPD-20A/20AV.

When performing a 15-minute analysis 50 times (flow rate: 1 mL/min)

Without recycle valve kit ... 750 mL
With recycle valve kit ... 500 mL
→ Mobile phase usage reduced by approx. 30%*
(* under specified conditions)

Pressure Relief Valve

The RID-20A incorporates various safety features. Its maximum pressure is five times that of former Shimadzu products and, as a standard feature, it incorporates a sensor that detects leakage from the cell unit. For extra safety, a pressure relief valve that prevents problems related to back-pressure irregularities is also available as an option.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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