Shimadzu i-Series Driver for Multi-Vendor Software

Shimadzu i-Series is available from software below:

Vendor Name Software Name
Waters® Empower 2
Empower 3
Thermo Fisher Scientific Chromeleon™ 6.8
Chromeleon™ 7.2
Agilent Technologies OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition

Easy-to-Assess Operating Status and Easy Maintenance

The control panel shown in adaptive software's sample analysis window provides functions for the direct control of Shimadzu i-Series systems. It is equipped with monitoring functions to allow system operating status to be assessed at a glance, and features system checks for monitoring the usage of consumables. As a result, the software can be used for daily inspections of instruments prior to analysis, and for monitoring the operating status during analyses. Shimadzu LC control parameters are set through the instrument method editor embedded in the adaptive software. These stored parameters handled as standard method files of adaptive software.

Control Panel (Empower)

ePanel (Chromeleon 7.2)

Proof That the System Always Operates in a Stable Manner

With the i-Series auto-validation function, anyone can follow a set procedure to examine solvent delivery stability, wavelength accuracy, absorbance accuracy, gradient accuracy, the presence of any drift/noise, and other parameters. In addition, a system check function automatically performs routine inspections before using the instrument. It also creates a report indicating system self-diagnostic results and a record of consumables used, such as the total solvent volume delivered by the delivery pump, the number of autosampler injections, and the number of hours the lamp has been illuminated. This makes it easy to accurately determine the operating status.

Starting auto validation

Creating system check report

Displays procedures, mobile phases, and other information necessary for validation on the screen, which allows you to perform inspections by simply following the instructions. System self-diagnostic results and a record of consumables used can be output from the i-Series Driver.

Unit Model Name Remarks
i-Series LC-2030 -
LC-2030C LT
LC-2030C 3D
LC-2040C LT
LC-2040C MT
LC-2040C 3D
LC-2040C 3D MT
These instruments are supported only by software below.
  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3
LC-2030C LT+
LC-2030C 3D+
LC-2040C LT+
LC-2040C MT+
LC-2040C 3D+
LC-2040C 3D MT+
External Detector RF-20A, RF-20AXS -
RID-20A -
AD Input Board -
Mobile Phase Flow Line Switching Valve FCV-11AL, FCV-11ALS -
High-Pressure Flow-Line Switching Valve FCV-14AH, FCV-34AH -
  • * The corresponding ROM version of the instruments varies depending on the software. If you want to confirm, please contact our person in charge.
  • * If you want to use the i-Series Plus model with the unsupported software, please contact our person in charge. It can be used as a i-Series model.
  • * In case of using Chromeleon 7.2, up to two i-Series systems can be controlled per computer as a license.
  • * Four systems maximum with no PDA or four systems with a single PDA or two systems with two PDA detectors (per LAC/E32).
  • * It is not recommended to connect other vendor instruments to the same acquisition server.
  • * Waters® and Empower® are registered trademarks of Waters in the USA and other countries
  • * ChromeleonTM is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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