Mobile Phase Cleaner

Ghost Trap™ DS / Ghost Trap™ DS-HP (for UHPLC)


Two Ghost Trap DS models are now available: the cartridge type for superior cost performance and the 100 MPa high-pressure type for use with UHPLC systems. Select the appropriate one for your application.

Item P/N Description Internal volume*1 Dimensions Pressure
Ghost Trap DS 228-59921-91 Two cartridge 30 mmL. x 7.6 mmI.D. Approx. 700 μL 35 MPa

Two cartridges

and one holder
228-59921-93 Two cartridge 20 mmL. x 4.0 mmI.D. Approx. 150 μL

Two cartridges

and one holder
Ghost Trap DS-HP 228-59931-91 Packed type 30 mmL. x 2.1 mmI.D. Approx. 60 μL 100 MPa
  • *1 Note that a delay volume equivalent to the internal volume of the product occurs if the product is installed downstream of the gradient mixer or the confluence of two pumps.
  • *  The product service life differs according to analysis conditions, such as the mobile phase used.
  • *  In analysis using an ion-pairing reagent, the ion-pairing reagent may be retained in the product, influencing the retention time and peak shape.
  • *  Before connecting the analytical column, be sure to thoroughly clean the flow path with mobile phase (close to the final concentration for gradient analysis).
  • *  Note that some impurities may not be removed.
  • *  When performing high-pressure analysis exceeding 35 MPa with a UHPLC system, connect the gradient mixer to the Ghost Trap DS-HP with pipe for UHPLC (e.g.228-53137-97).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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