Antimicrobial Screening System i-Series Plus Food Safety Analyzer

Target Compounds of the Antimicrobial Screening System

Detects Synthetic Antimicrobial Agents of the Standard Residual Concentration with High Sensitivity

Screening Results and Reports are Available Immediately After Analysis is Finished

Quickly Confirm Screening Results in the Data Browser Window

Multiple chromatograms and automatically calculated quantitative results can be conrmed in the same window by simply dragging acquired data to the Data Browser. Pass/fail results for criteria values can also be displayed at the same time, making it easy to understand test results at a glance.

Displays Results Immediately After Analysis is Finished

Measurement results for each sample can be automatically created as quantitative reports and summary reports and output in PDF. Use of the multi-data report creation function makes it easier to view large amounts of data.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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