Nexera Method Scouting System

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Method Scouting System

Comparison and evaluation of chromatograms > Method establishment

Easy comparisons of multiple chromatograms in the browser window

Numerical comparisons* of chromatograms can be performed using CLASS-Agent Report and LabSolutions Multi-Data Report

Quantitation of scouting results via CLASS-Agent Report or LabSolutions Multi-Data Report

CLASS-Agent Report and LabSolutions Multi-Data Report enable quantitation in order to search the data obtained from method scouting for optimal data. As a result, in addition to visual comparison of chromatograms, determinations can be made based on quantitation of determination standards.

Method scouting performed by UHPLC, followed by transfer to conventional conditions

If the transfer program is used, the ultra-high speed conditions obtained with the Nexera Method Scouting System can be easily transferred to conventional conditions. Furthermore, this software can be used to investigate the robustness of methods under conventional conditions. The Nexera Method Scouting System is an all-round LC that enables the collection of ultra-high speed data and conventional data using a single system.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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