Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Customers hope to improve the productivity of laboratory analysis through ultra-high speed analysis and multianalyte processing, but simply shortening analysis times cannot be called true high-throughput analysis. True high-throughput analysis is achieved by shortening the time required for all steps involved in analysis, such as reducing the time required for injecting samples, restoring column equilibrium after gradients, rinsing the autosampler to reduce carryover, and setting up large numbers of samples.

Supporting Various Aspects of Ultra-High Speed Analysis

  1. Realize True High Throughput
  2. Realize Ultra-High Separation
  3. High-Efficiency Mixer and Precision Delivery Technology
  4. Cutting Down the Total Analysis Time
  5. Further Minimizes System Delay-Volume with Optional Loop Injection Method
  6. Large Sample Capacity for High-Throughput Sample Analysis

Achieving Ultra-High Speed Analysis



In addition to ultra-high speed autosampler injection, a number of other features have been implemented to achieve ultra-high speed analysis, including overlapping injection, a low volume (20 µL) high-efficiency mixer and optional loop injection system that minimize delay volume, and extremely low carryover without rinsing. These improvements provide ultra-high speed analysis that outperforms all previous models from Shimadzu.

Achieving Ultra-High Separation

Nexera systems not only achieve ultra-high speed analysis, but also ultra-high separation as well. The 130 MPa capacity high-pressure system allows using high-efficiency columns, necessary for separating trace substances in complex samples. This enables both ultra-high speed and ultra-high separation analysis by using long columns with microparticle packing. In addition to offering high-pressure capability at a wide range of flow rates, Nexera’s ultra-high speed sample injection mechanism enables ultra-high separation in a short time.

Ultra High Resolution with Ultra High Speed

High-Efficiency Mixer and Precision Delivery Technology

High-throughput analysis still requires precise reproducibility of separation and retention time. A new mixer (MiRC) conceived from the study of micro reactor technologies delivers efficient, low-volume mixing for even the most difficult analyses, such as those using TFA, thereby minimizing gradient delay. A micro volume pre-heater in addition to the overall system configuration further enhances the reduction of delay volume. Moreover, the LC-30AD pump features an automatic pulsation-correction mechanism and a high-speed parallel micro plunger design to provide pulse-free solvent delivery and excellent retention time reproducibility ─ even in ultra-high speed gradient conditions.

High-Efficiency Mixer and Precision Delivery Technology

Cutting Down the Total Analysis Time

The Prominence UFLC (ultra fast LC) autosampler allows for rapid injection (10 sec). The Nexera builds upon this by providing the fastest injection speed with its patented engineering. In addition, overlapping injection is provided to further reduce total analysis time for the utmost in high throughput.

Cutting Down the Total  Analysis Time

Further Minimizes System Delay-Volume with Optional Loop Injection Method

The SIL-30AC autosampler can be re-configured to provide the absolute lowest system delay volume by conversion to a loop injector. This configuration is simple and requires only changing a few plumbing connections.

Large Sample Capacity for High-Throughput Sample Analysis

New Rack Changer Ⅱ

Running thousands of analyses per day is not unusual. In such demanding laboratories the maximum sample number for unattended operation is as important as the analysis speed. The Nexera Rack Changer II accommodates up to 12 sample plates (96well, 384well, vial plates) to allow up to 4608 samples to be continuously analyzed unattended. The Rack Changer II incorporates fine temperature control with a cooling function (4 to 40°C) to minimize sample degradation during the process. When large numbers of samples are placed in the autosampler, samples can degrade due to temperature. However, Nexera incorporates a temperature control unit with a cooling function that can not only maintain samples at a cool 4°C, but even stably control their temperature close to room temperature.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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