Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

For pharmaceuticals and food products, and in many other industries, it is desirable to separate and quantitate impurities and other trace substances as accurately and quickly as possible. However, it is important that highly reliable data is obtained for everything from general-purpose analysis to ultra-high speed analysis, even under a variety of separation conditions.
Shimadzu’s Nexera is a genuine all-around HPLC that enables various types of analysis including conventional LC, ultra fast LC and ultra high-pressure LC up to 130 MPa without compromising performance and data quality. The maximized pressure, minimized delay volume and fast injection enable ultra-high speed cycle time in addition to maximizing peak capacity. With its newly designed column oven, Nexera is useful for a wide variety of applications such as high-temperature analysis and green HPLC. Additionally, the pretreatment autosampler extends the application range for full automation and maximum performance.

Uncompromising Performance


  1. Superior Performance for Every Application
  2. Precise Sample Injection Regardless of Volume
  3. Near-zero Carryover
  4. Absorbance Detectors with Excellent Stability and Sensitivity
  5. Fluorescence Detectors with World-Leading Sensitivity


Superior Performance for Every Application



In addition to ultra-high speed autosampler injection, a number of other features have been implemented to achieve ultra-high speed analysis, including overlapping injection, a low volume (20 µL) high-efficiency mixer and optional loop injection system that minimize delay volume, and extremely low carryover without rinsing. These improvements provide ultra-high speed analysis that outperforms all previous models from Shimadzu.

Precise Sample Injection Regardless of Volume

The SIL-30AC autosampler achieves excellent injection volume reproducibility for even 0.1 μL injections through use of a high-resolution metering system (6 nL/step) and a precision-engineered valve. The autosampler meets reliability requirements in all analyses from micro to conventional.

Peak Area Reproducibility

Injection Vol. [µL] Reproducibility (%RSD, n=6)
Retention Time Peak Area
0.2 0.060 0.281
0.4 0.124 0.237
1 0.031 0.111
2 0.146 0.039
5 0.099 0.031
10 0.095 0.043
20 0.105 0.044

Near-zero Carryover

Near-zero Carryover

Shimadzu continues to improve its low carryover reputation with the Nexera autosampler. With reduction of the needle contact area, special coatings, surface treatments and a new needle seal, the SIL-30AC autosampler reaches a new level of low carryover performance. In addition to minimizing the fundamental causes for compound adsorption, Nexera offers multiple rinse modes with multiple rinse solvents to eliminate carryover of even the most stubborn of compounds. Active rinsing of all contact surfaces can be selected.

Absorbance Detectors with Excellent Stability and Sensitivity


Trace-level analyses, such as impurities analysis, require a wider dynamic range and lower baseline disturbances. With a temperature-controlled flow cell and a stray-light correction function, both the SPD-20A UV and SPD-M20A Photo Diode Array detectors offer a high level of stability, sensitivity and linearity for confident analysis. The 100 Hz sampling of the SPD-20A/M20A ensures peak information can be captured without loss of separation and exploits the full potential of ultra-fast LC

Absorbance Detectors with Excellent Stability and Sensitivity

Fluorescence Detectors with World-Leading Sensitivity



Sensitivity is the most important factor for fluorescence detection. With a newly designed optical system, RF-20A/20Axs offer world-leading levels of sensitivity. A water Raman S/N ratio of at least 2000 for RF-20Axs or 1200 for RF-20A makes these detectors powerful tools for analyses that demand the detection of trace-level components.


RF-20Axs features a temperature-controlled cell with a cooling function. It maintains a constant detector cell temperature, even if the room temperature fluctuates significantly, to ensure superb reproducibility with no drop in sensitivity. The 100 Hz sampling of the RF-20A/20Axs permits ultra-fast LC analysis with no loss of resolution.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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