Nexera series


Mobile Phase Monitor
  • Monitor mobile phase levels remotely from a PC or smartphone
  • Avoid running out of mobile phase or rinse solution mid-analysis
  • Fits a range of bottle sizes from 1 to 5L


Mobile Phase Monitor (Controller)   This is a controller to connect the bottle holders.
It can connect two reserve trays of bottle holders.
Mobile Phase Monitor (1L bottle holder)

1L bottle holder

One holder can accommodate two 1L bottles.
Mobile Phase Monitor (Large bottle holder)

Large bottle holder

One holder can accommodate one large bottle.

※ The large bottle holder can hold bottles up to a diameter of approx. 180 mm.
※ To change between the two holder types, a field engineer will need to carry out the modifications.


Versatile layout can accommodate different bottle combinations

Two trays of bottles can be monitored from one MPM controller.



Automated support functions utilizing digital technology, such as M2M, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), that enable higher productivity and maximum reliability.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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