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Nano-Assist Software for 2-Dimensional LC Control

Offers ease and convenience in setting up 2-dimensional LC methods Complicated gradient programming for 2-dimensional HPLC is also made easy with Nano-Assist’s graphical user interface. Just enter the required parameters while viewing the flow lines in the window, and the method file is generated and downloaded to the instrument. The graphical flow-line diagram and gradient curves representing the current configuration and settings help prevent operation errors.

High resolution with 2D analysis

The Prominence nano’s online 2D separation system combines ion exchange and reversed-phase modes as illustrated below. Each separation mode works independently, and the combination of the 2 modes provides the most efficient separation.
The Prominence nano 2D system can serve as an online proteome analyzer when used with a nano ESI interface-equipped LCMS or a MALDI spotter.

Easy-to-use 1D system

Nano-Assist 1D LC Settings Window

Nano-Assist 1D LC Settings Window

The one-dimensional nano LC system is useful for identifying proteins pre-separated with SDS-Page, etc. The 1D nano LC system offers simple operation, and the precise solvent delivery of the LC-20ADnano and the low dead volume of the FCV nano maximize the system’s performance. The Nano-Assist software provides easy operation for both the 1D and 2D systems, preventing errors when setting up.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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