Prominence UFLC

Fast LC

In Pursuit of Higher Speed and Uncompromised Separation

UFLC realizes both high speed and analytical precision/reliability to achieve true analytical productivity enhancement.

The goal of high-speed HPLC is to enhance the laboratory’s productivity. We believe that analytical data obtained from high-speed HPLC must be as reliable as the data from conventional HPLC. For example, resolution must be maintained at an excellent level in the case of 10,000 analytical runs by high-speed LC, retention time and area repeatability must be excellent for small volume sample injection, the need for replacement parts should be minimized, and the instrument must work stably.

We successfully achieved speed and separation performance levels that do not depend on high pressure, while simultaneously offering a high level of precision and expandability not available with previous fast LC systems.

Ultra Fast Amazing Speed and High Separation Performance

The combination of Prominence UFLC and new reversed-phase columns achieves ten times higher speed compared to a conventional HPLC system. Furthermore, a high-speed sample injection mechanism significantly reduces total analytical cycle time. With this combination, Prominence UFLC offers three times higher resolution than conventional HPLC so that the possibility of analysis is increased for samples that are not sufficiently separated by conventional HPLC.

Unquestionable Fidelity Both Repeatability and Speed

The high-precision solvent delivery unit and autosampler improve repeatability in small volume sample injections for high-speed LC, achieving and maintaining excellent repeatability during long endurance tests. Prominence UFLC has superior basic performance.

High-speed and high-separation column Shim-pack XR-ODS

The Shim-pack XR-ODS column has been developed in consideration of separation and durability factors, and applicable pressure.

LC Workstation LCsolution

Shimadzu’s LCsolution software offers an intuitive, easy-to-use operating environment by offering solutions to meet the challenges of high sample throughput, instrument control, diverse data handling, and integration with regulatory compliance.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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