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Ultra Fast Amazing Speed and High Separation Performance

Prominence UFLC reduces total analysis cycle time.

Prominence UFLC reduces total analysis cycle time.

Liquid chromatography separation speed becomes faster using analytical columns with ultra-fine particle packing and by increasing the mobile phase flow rate. When the actual analysis time is reduced, other factors required for the analytical cycle time become important, such as time required for autosampler injection movement, gradient delay time and system conditioning time.

Prominence UFLC offers the solution for these factors, greatly reducing the total analysis cycle time, which ultimately enhances laboratory productivity.

High-speed LC analysis --- 10 times faster than conventional LC

The following is a comparison of chromatograms between Prominence UFLC with Shim-pack XR-ODS, a new reversed-phase column, and conventional LC using a conventional column (150mmL. x 4.6mm i.d., 5um). In conventional LC, benzo-fluoranthene isomers (peaks 7 and 8) with separation 1.2 were eluted in 35 minutes. Using Prominence UFLC with the Shim-pack XR-ODS, the same components were eluted in 3.5 minutes while maintaining the same excellent resolution. Retention time for benzo-perylene (peak 9) is reduced from 50.4 min. to 5.07 min., while its theoretical plate number changes slightly from 10,600 to 11,900.

Prominence UFLC reduces analysis time to 1/10 of conventional LC while keeping separation efficiency.
(Analysis time reduction may vary by analytical conditions.)

10 times faster than conventional LC

Reduction of total analysis cycle time

When the time needed for analysis is reduced with the use of a high-speed column, other considerations affecting the analysis cycle become important, such as the time required for autosampler injection movement, gradient delay time, and system conditioning time. If the autosampler injection movement is slow, it may take up the majority of the total analysis cycle time. Prominence UFLC employs a fast autosampler (10 seconds for 10uL injection), which contributes to a truly fast analysis cycle.

Example Comparing Total Analysis Time for 3 Consecutive Cycles of Fast Analysis*

(*Assuming analysis time: 30 sec., other fast LC autosampler injection movement: 30 sec.)

A variety of automated features, such as automatic purging, shortens the time required for system start-up via manual operation.
To reduce the delay time of concentration change at the column inlet during gradient operation, and the conditioning time for initialization, UFLC utilizes a smaller system inner volume.

These Prominence UFLC features demonstrate excellent gradient analysis. The data below shows ultra high-speed gradient analysis of about 30 seconds for one analysis cycle.
Prominence UFLC offers superb high speed and resolution, without applying high pressure, by optimizing system and column efficiency.

Ultra Fast Gradient Analysis

Column: Shim-pack XR-ODS (30mmL. x 3mm i.d.), Temperature: 80°C,
Mobile Phase: Water/Acetonitrile gradient elution, Flow Rate: 3.0mL/min, Detection: 245nm
Sample: Alkylphenones

Ultra Fast Gradient Analysis

High separation analysis --- 3 times better separation

Although the Shim-pack XR-ODS has a smaller diameter particle packing material, pressure loss (back pressure) is minimized, and a longer column can be easily employed as a fast LC column. Therefore, without making analysis time longer, it is possible to obtain a high-separation chromatogram with a high theoretical plate number, which could not be achieved previously. The following chromatograms compare Benzo fluoranthene isomer separation using Prominence UFLC with a Shim-pack XR-ODS and conventional LC. Prominence UFLC offers a shorter analysis time and significantly better resolution (Rs), and three times higher theoretical plate number.

High separation Analysis

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