Prominence UFLC

Fast LC

High precision, stability and durability

Prominence UFLC  High precision, stability, durability

Prominence UFLC provides good repeatability even in small volume sample injection.

Good repeatability is a strong feature of an HPLC. This feature must not be sacrificed by high speed.
Prominence UFLC employs a proven micro-stroke solvent delivery mechanism (flow rate resolution 3.7nL/min., 10uL/stroke) with improved firmware so that ultra-fast gradient formation occurs. The Prominence Autosampler, with its highly sealed measuring device and high-precision valves, achieves excellent repeatability for fast LC.

Repeatability in small-volume injection and ultra-fast analysis

In general high-speed LC, repeatability in a small sample volume is often regarded as a problem. The figure below shows a chromatogram by Prominence UFLC for a 2uL injection and one-minute gradient analysis. Repeatability of less than 0.2% RSD is achieved.
Column: Shim-pack XR-ODS (50mmL. x 3mm i.d.), Temperature: 40°C. Mobile Phase: Water/Acetonitrile gradient elution, Flow Rate: 1.5mL/min, Detection: 245nm, Sample: Alkylphenones, Injection Volume: 2uL

Prominence UFLC -repetability in small-volume injection and ultra-fast analysis
Peaks Retention time Peak area
Average %RSD Average %RSD
1. Acetophenone 0.377 0.076 49018 0.193
2. Propiophenone 0.493 0.072 47260 0.167
3. Butyrophenone 0.587 0.070 49199 0.055
4. Valerophenone 0.677 0.065


5. Hexanophenone 0.763 0.082 46613 0.186
6. Heptanophenone 0.842 0.087 43975 0.205
7. Octanophenone 0.914 0.080 48978 0.200
(2uL injection, n=6)

For precise equipment control, required by analytical validation processes and quality control tests, and for minimizing the risk of a system malfunction interrupting an analysis, the most important factor is the high-pressure valve on the autosampler. The Prominence UFLC uses Shimadzu’s own proprietary high-precision 6-port valve, which achieves 0.1% or less (RSD) area repeatability in 100,000 cycle endurance tests*.
In addition, for LC-MS analyses where reduction of sample carryover has currently gained a great deal of attention, Prominence UFLC successfully reduces carryover based on the principle of inhibiting the adsorption of samples in the first place.
* Based on Shimadzu endurance test parameters for 6-port valve.

Repeatability for 4 Alkyl Phenons After Finishing 100,000 Cycle Endurance Test

Repeatability for 4 Alkyl Phenons After Finishing 100,000 Cycle Endurance Test
Peaks Retention time Area
Average %RSD Average %RSD
1. Acetophenone 0.916 0.089 312670 0.059
2. Propiophenone 1.398 0.058 315739 0.045
3. Butyrophenone 2.111 0.030 336428 0.063
4. Valerophenone 3.341 0.031


(5uL injection, n=6)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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