Software for Prominence Recycling Preparative HPLC Systems

Allows Anyone to Easily Perform Recycling Preparative Chromatography

A simple operating environment utilizing a GUI (graphical user interface) enables, methods can to be set without considering complicated time programs. In addition, transfer from manual recycle preparative work to automatic recycle preparative work can be seamlessly performed.

Operating environment with simple GUI enables automatic preparative recycling

The graphical user interface (GUI) provides an environment that allows even first-time users to easily perform recycling preparative chromatography. Since the operating window for the

entire process flow, from recycling to fractionation, is shown on a single window, it avoids the risks of wasting valuable samples due to a setting error.

Configure settings for automatic recycling preparative chromatography with only a few steps

The starting and stopping points for recycling and even the starting time for automatic fractionation can be decided without worrying about complicated setting operations. It even sets the valve switching times automatically for starting and stopping recycling. Therefore, there is absolute no need to deal with complicated time programs. This means that even those without fractionation experience can operate the system with confidence.

Seamlessly switch from manual to automatic recycling preparative chromatography

Recycle-Assist is not only able to perform recycling preparative chromatography according to specified settings, but is also able to monitor chromatograms to execute recycling and fractionation at the required timing. By recording operations during manual fractionation, the timing for switching valves and other operations made by a user can be saved as a method for use in subsequent automatic recycling preparative chromatography.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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