Nexera Reducing Sugar Analysis System Consumables

Separation Column for Borate Complex-Anion Exchange

The Shim-pack ISA-07/S2504 column uses the property of sugar to form a complex with boric acid and separates this in anion exchange mode. Monosaccharides and disaccharides are separated simultaneously with a gradient in which boric acid buffer solutions at two different concentrations are used as the mobile phase.

Column Particle Size (µm) Size (I.D. × L  mm) P/N
Shim-pack ISA-07/S 2504 7 4.0 × 200 S228-09699-91
Shim-pack guard column ISA 4.0 × 50 S228-00823-91

Gel filtration-Ligand Exchange Column

The Shim-pack SCR series columns are for ligand exchange chromatography and use the property of some metallic ions to form complexes with sugars. Water is used as the mobile phase, but anomer separation occurs at low temperatures, so use this column under high temperature conditions at 60 °C or higher.

Column Particle Size (µm) Size (I.D. × L  mm) P/N
Shim-pack SCR-101(C) 10 7.9 × 300 S228-17889-91
Shim-pack SCR-101(P) 10 7.9 × 300 S228-17890-91
HPLC column, guard column SCR (C) 4.0 × 50 S228-17891-91
HPLC column, guard column SCR (P) 4.0 × 50 S228-17892-91

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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