Circuit Board Cyclic Bending Strength and Resistance Evaluation (Lead-Free Solder)

In recent years, from the standpoint of reducing environmental load, there is a tendency to replace solder used for electrical and mechanical welds with so-called lead-free solder. Steps to switch to lead-free solder are being taken in a variety of industries, including the primary industries of automobiles and electronics.
However, the characteristics of lead-free solder differ from those of conventional eutectic solders with respect to strength, melting point, and wettability. As a result, it is important to perform even more strength and durability evaluations with actual products under normal-usage conditions.
Evaluation includes not only the solder itself, but cyclic testing with the item mounted on the printed circuit board. Simultaneous evaluation and testing of conductivity can also be performed by simultaneously reading resistance values.


  • AG-10 kNX
  • Jig for repeated bending tests for printed circuit board
  • Equipment for Resistance Evaluation
  • Windows Software TRAPEZIUM X