Failure Analysis of Automobile Parts (X-ray CT)

Oxgen Sensor

Microfocus X-ray CT systems offer non-destructive observations of the internal structures of objects. They are effective instruments for identifying the cause of failure of industrial products.
Depending on the system configuration and the image processing, this system can achieve fluoroscopic imaging at over 260x magnification. In addition, it offers easy tomographic imaging and 3D imaging, making is a powerful tool for the quality control of automobile electronic components.
This is an image of an oxygen sensor.

X-ray CT System

X-ray CT System

The inspeXio SMX-225CT Microfocus X-ray CT System supports inspection of a wide range of specimens from small parts to large parts.

Functions to determine the CT scanning position with an exterior camera and automatically set the X-ray conditions appropriate for the sample enable the capture of high-resolution 3D CT images with just a few simple operations, with no troublesome setup work. The powerful X-ray tube with 4 ┬Ám focus size and 225 kV tube voltage supports a wide range of inspection applications