Heat generated internally in components during equipment operation and repeated ambient temperature fluctuations can apply stresses to the solder joints between the PCB lands and the surface-mounted component terminals, significantly affecting reliability. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the strength of the soldered joints, and one method of doing this is to test their peeling strength.

We performed strength testing on soldered joints using the Micro Autograph.
The test method conformed to JEITA ET-7409/101, using test rates of 0.5 mm/minute and 0.05 mm/minute.

Result: 6.4 N mean peeling strength

Peeling Testing of Soldered Joints

It can be seen that solder failure was common at a test rate of 0.05 mm/minute, whereas other failure patterns were more common at a test rate of 0.5 mm/minute.

Micro Autograph

Microservo Electromagnetic Force Micro Material Tester

This is a microstrain tester that applies millinewton-level test forces and micron-level deflections for the tensile and compression testing of surface-mounted components and micro-components. The optional XY stage and stereoscopic microscope allow observations of the specimen during testing.