Tensile Test on Carbon Fibers (Reference Standards: ISO 11566:1996 / JIS R 7606:2000)

Carbon fibers are essential components of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs). They are important industrial materials because their specific gravity is 1/4 and material strength is seven times higher as compared to general ferrous materials. This experiment introduces a tensile test on a single filament of carbon fiber in accordance with the standards

Measurements and Jigs

Fig. 1: Sample and Mat (Frame Body)

In this test, the sample is fixed on a specimen mat made of a metal or resin sheet and attached on the grip as shown in Fig. 1 and then a tensile test is performed. The standards provide a detailed explanation about the shape of the mat, type of adhesive used to place a carbon fiber on the mat, and procedures to place the carbon fiber. (For details, refer to the standards.)
In the test, a clip type grip is used to adjust the clamping force according to the strength of the sample.

Measurement Results

Fig. 2

[ Table 1 Test Conditions ]
 Item   Setting Value 
 Test Speed   1mm/min 
 Grip spac   25mm 

[ Table 2 Test Results (Mean Value) ]
 Sample Name   Diameter   Tensile Strength   Breaking Elongation 
 Carbon Fiber   6μm   7.1GPa   2.84% 
 Testing machine   MST-I Type HR 
 Testing jig   1 N clip type grip (with rubber-coated grip faces), X-Y stage 
 Software   TRAPEZIUM X (Single) 


Micro Strain Tester
Micro Autograph MST-I


  • High-Precision Displacement Measurement
    A high-precision linear sensor ensures high displacement measurement precision (displacement display resolution of 0.02 μm, and displacement measurement precision of ±0.2 μm up to 5 mm displacement).
  • Measurement of Micro Test Forces
    A wide range of load cells from 0.5 N to 2 kN assures a testing force measurement precision of ±1 % from a minimum load of 2 mN.
  • High-Rigidity Frame
    The frame has an extremely high rigidity of 45 kN/mm so that highly reliable micro displacement measurement can be performed.
  • Wide Range of Options
    An X-Y stage, stereo microscope and other options allow positioning and observation of micro samples to be performed with ease. The optional heating plate allows samples to be evaluated in a heated state.
  • Data Processing Software TRAPEZIUM2
    The TRAPEZIUM2 software that already has a proven track record in the Autograph Series, can be used on the Micro Autograph, too. Its range of high-performance functions, including visual operating environment, ultra-high speed sampling, navigation function, and net upload function, can be fully utilized with ease.


Materials Testing Software

Enables Intuitive Operation