Elemental Analysis of Industrial Waste (Sludge)

Component analysis is conducted for the burial, management, and re-utilization of sludge and sediments as industrial waste. Quick, easy, and accurate X-ray fluorescence spectrometry is ideal for this analysis. Qualitative/quantitative analysis was conducted for the measurements shown below. After completing qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis by the FP method can be conducted using the detected elements and their X-ray fluorescent intensities.

Qualitative Analysis of Sludge

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (EDX)


This instrument irradiates the sample with X-rays and measures the energy of the generated fluorescent X-rays to determine the type and content of the elements comprising the sample. EDX permits the non-destructive elemental analysis of samples in solid, powder, liquid, disk, or wafer form and is used in a wide range of applications.