If unforeseen circumstances occur during food product manufacture, storage, transport or other processes and an off-flavor issue occurs, it is necessary to specify the odor-causing substances in order to resolve the problem and prevent a recurrence.
Shimadzu provides a total solution necessary for analyzing odors combining GC-MS and database for off-flavor analysis, so even analysts having no knowledge or experience of off-flavor analysis can start analysis.

Analysis of Food Product Samples Involved in Off-Flavor Complaints (GC-MS)

In the analysis of food product samples involved in off-flavor complaints, it was confirmed that four components are more often found in off-flavor products than in normal products. The four components detected were further analyzed using the off-flavor analysis database, and concentration and odor threshold values as well as odor characteristics were confirmed. From the results, 2,4,6-trichloroanisole was identified as an odor-causing substance.


Analysis of Off-Flavor