A pre-column derivatization method is used for the analysis of amino acids, where the amino acids are derivatized to PTC (phenylthiocarbamyl) by a PITC (phenyl isothiocyanate) reagent, and detected by a UV detector. The figure below shows an example of analysis of PTC amino acid 18-component standard solution (each 100 µmol/L). It can be seen that satisfactory separation is possible in only four minutes by combined use of Shim-pack XR-ODS and Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph Prominence UFLC which is capable of high-speed and high-separation analysis even at pressures of 30 MPa or below.

Chromatogram of PTC Amino Acid 18 Components

Ultra Fast Chromatograph Prominence UFLC

Higher speed HPLC will become possible by using ultra-micro particle packing in the separation column and increasing the mobile phase flowrate. However, as analysis time itself becomes shorter, factors not associated with actual analysis, such as "time required for injection of samples in autosamplers" and "gradient delay time and conditioning time," but account for a percentage of the analytical run, can no longer be overlooked.
Prominence UFLC solves these issues and enables shorter overall analytical runs without compromising on other factors.