Whiskey was sealed in a hermetic cell and measured by DSC. The exothermic peak at -74.2°C is due to crystallization. The peak at -65.9°C shows the melting of ethanol, -49.8°C the eutectic point of ethanol and water, and -25.6°C the melting of water. The height of the eutectic peak varies depending on the storage period of the malt.

Fig.1 DSC curve for whiskey

Analytical Conditions
Instrument DSC-60
Sample name Whiskey
Sample weight 13.7 mg
Atmospheric gas Nitrogen
Gas flow rate  30 mL/min
[Temperature program]  
Heating rate 10°C/min

Thermal Analysis DSC-60 Plus

DSC-60 Plus

The DSC-60 Plus is an indispensable thermal analyzer for materials characterization in R&D and quality control applications in such areas as polymers, pharmaceuticals, electronic parts , foods , etc.