Packaging and wrapping for various cakes, Japanese confectionery, cheese, and other foods are filled with helium, carbon dioxide or other stabilizing gases before being sealed to preserve the quality of the food. (gas-filled packaging) This is to prevent air-borne oxygen or moisture from spoiling food quality. This Food Packaging Leak Inspection Unit automatically checks all packaged items for gas leaks when the product is finally packed in the production line for gas-filled packaged products.


  • Reliably detects small pinholes 100 microns in size. (200 microns in size for CO2)

  • Small packages can be rapidly inspected in approximately 50- to 60-second cycles in groups of several packages, or when they are packed in their shipping cardboard boxes.

  • All gas-filled products are inspected in a non-contact, non-destructive manner, ensuring that post-production defects are not incurred prior to shipment.

  • No manual operations are required since regular operation is fully automatic.

  • High-precision, highly reliable sensors are used for gas detection for thorough inspection.

Food Packaging Leak Inspection Unit "Pinhole Checker"