Tensile Test on Pull-Tab Containers (Reference Standard: JIS S 0022:2001)

Fig 1 Tensile Test on Pull-Tab Containers

Many elderly people have weak grip strength, which causes difficulties when opening packaging and containers used for foods and goods. Methods have been standardized for testing the tensile strength required to open these products in order to meet the needs of elderly people. In this experiment, a tensile test was performed on various pull-tab cans.

Measurements and Jigs
Table 1 shows test conditions and Fig. 1 shows how the test was performed. According to the standard, cans need to be held by hand. In the test, a fixing jig was used for more stable results. A string is hooked on the pull-tab and it is pulled straight up at a speed of 500 mm/min.

Table 1: Test Conditions

 Item  Setting Value
 Test speed  500 mm/min
 Load cell capacity  500 N

Measurement Results

Fig. 2: Relationship between the Test Force and Stroke

Sample Maximum Opening Force [N]
 Canned beer (made in Japan) 26.8
 Canned beer (made in Japan, with a large lip) 30.8
 Canned beer (made in Mexico) 26.5
 Canned beer (made in Holland) 27.2
 Canned beer (made in Belgium) 22.4

Pull-Tab Tensile Test System


 Testing machine  EZ-X
 Load cell  500N
 Test jig  Fixing base, hook
  • The compact size fits easily on tables.
  • Lower table height (20% lower) and larger work space
  • This makes it easier to exchange jigs and samples and to perform a wide variety of operations.

TRAPEZIUM X Materials Testing Software