1. 1. Engine, Motor, and Power Source

  2. 2. Body and Interior Furnishing

  3. 3. Battery

  4. 4. Suspension System and Power Transmission

  5. 5. Electrical Parts

  6. 6. fuel

Improvement of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and reduction of environmental burdenSolutions for technical issues

Material EvaluationsMultilateral evaluation is effective for correctly evaluating materials that are used for automotive parts.
Shimadzu will assist you with material evaluation with a wide range of analysis and test instruments lineup.

Material Evaluations

Trouble AnalysisContaminations mixed in and adhering during production and working processes and silent changes in the materials used in products can cause product defects.
Integrated analysis using various analysis methods is effective for trouble analysis.

Trouble Analysis


  • June 14, 2019
    Shimadzu provides various equipment to support the solution of various technical issues in R & D, quality control, production technology and quality assurance in the automotive industry.


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