GPCMolecular Weight

<Designed for Data Reliability>

  • ・Outstanding Baseline Stability
  • ・Solvent Delivery Performance Designed for Repeatability
  • ・Designed for Validation

<Designed to be Easy to Use>

  • ・Easily Creates GPC Calibration Curves using a Visual Interface
  • ・Post-Run Analysis using a Variety of GPC Data Analysis Functions Helps Determine Data Processing Methods
  • ・Data Comparison Features Simplify Analysis of Multiple-Sample Data
  • ・Customize the Report Layout
  • ・Enhanced Data Control Features


System Functions

Size exclusion chromatography is one of the HPLC separation modes. The column used is filled with material containing many pores. When dissolved molecules of various sizes flow into the column, smaller dissolved molecules flow more slowly through the column because they penetrate deep into the pores, whereas large dissolved molecules flow quickly through the column because they do not enter the pores. Consequently, larger molecules elute from the column sooner and smaller molecules later, which effectively sorts the molecules by size. This is the separation principle of size exclusion chromatography.

System Functions

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