Silicon Chip (Die) 3-Point Bending Test

<Configuration> • AG-10 kNX •Silicon chip(die) 3-point bending test jig •Windows Software TRAPEZIUM X Si chip dimensions : 3.4 mm x t 50m Test speed : 0.2 mm/min Support spacing : 1.5 mm Bending fracture stress : 264.6 Mpa (average)

Strength evaluation of Si chips used on printed circuit boards is prescribed in the SEMI standard: G86-0303. Primary specifications and test jigs are as follows:
Test force measurement precision: 1% of displayed value
Test speed: 5 mm/min max.
Punch and support size: R 0.3 mm 0.02 mm
Support spacing (L)
2 mm d L and L d 20 h when the sample thickness (h) is 0.1 mm or larger
L d 2 mm and L d 50 H when the sample thickness (h) is less than 0.1 mm

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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