Shellfish Poison

In recent years, shellfish poisoning caused by paralytic shellfish poison has been occurring throughout Japan.It has also become an important issue in terms of food hygiene, affecting the fishing industry. Paralytic shellfish poison is a neurotoxin produced by some dinoflagellates, a type of vegetable plankton, and is known by its component name saxitoxin or goniotoxin homologs.
The diagram shows an example of analysis of goniotoxin (GTX) standard solution by High Performance Liquid Chromatograph. The post-column fluorescence derivatization detection method was used.

Analysis of Goniotoxin (GTX) 1-4 Standard Solution

High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph

High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph

The post-column fluorescence detection method uses a 2-stage reaction of boric acid buffer and phosphoric acid buffer to achieve selective high-sensitivity detection.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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