Minerals are classified as one of the five major nutrients along with proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins. They are indispensable for adjustment of body fluid volume, acidity and alkalinity, adjustment of muscle and nerve function. Overdose of minerals has an adverse effect on the human body, but dietary habits of modern society tend to be deficient in minerals and supplements are also spreading. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, ICP emission spectrometer, or ICP mass spectrometer are used for mineral analysis.

Simultaneous Analysis of Elements in Formula Milk Powder (ICP-MS)

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer ICPMS-2030

Formula milk powder is formulated to contain a good balance of minerals necessary for infant growth. Regulations and guidelines in each country include stipulations on the essential mineral content, including calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), and copper (Cu), of food for special dietary use (e.g., formulated milk powder for infants) and requires the labeling. This is an example of simultaneous analysis of elements present in formula milk powder (certified reference material [NMIJ CRM]) using ICP-MS.

Analytical results for certified reference material in formula milk powder (NMIJ CRM 7512-a)

Measured Value
(in Powder)
Certified Value
Spike and
Recovery (%)
Ca g/kg 8.50 8.65 0.38 -
Fe 0.102 0.104 0.007 -
K 8.30 8.41 0.33 -
Mg 0.820 0.819 0.024 -
Na 1.81 1.87 0.09 -
P 5.40 5.62 0.23 -
Mn mg/kg 0.91 0.931 0.032 -
Mo 0.230 0.223 0.012 -
Sr 5.70 5.88 0.20 -
Zn 41.0 41.3 1.4 -
Cd <0.005 - - 100
Cr <0.06 - - 101
Pb <0.03 - - 100
As <0.03 - - 108

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