Gelatinization of Starch

Starches gelatinize when heated with water. The gelatinization reaction can be analyzed by DSC because it is accompanied by endothermic reaction. This test measured flour starch (17.4%).

Gelatinization temperature of wheat flour (17.4%)

 Analytical Conditions
Instrument DSC-60
Sample name Flour
Sample weight 4.21 mg
Atmospheric gas Nitrogen
Gas flow rate  30 mL/min
[Temperature program]
Heating rate 5°C/min

Thermal Analysis DSC-60 Plus

DSC-60 Plus

The DSC-60 Plus is an indispensable thermal analyzer for materials characterization in R&D and quality control applications in such areas as polymers, pharmaceuticals, electronic parts , foods , etc.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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