Evaluating Car Body and Exterior Sheet Steel Strength

Strength evaluations of sheet steel used for car doors and hoods are performed as standard tests. In an effort to strike a balance between fuel economy and safety, sheet steel manufacturers compete aggressively to develop lightweight, high-strength materials.
To develop this type of sheet steel and perform quality control and machinability inspections, testing machines are used for tensile testing to obtain process-hardening coefficients (n values), rupture strength and elastic modulus.
The Shimadzu Autograph features a variety of grips, displacement measuring devices and width sensors designed for these tensile tests, and with the TRAPEZIUMX computer system, they can be performed efficiently by anyone.

• AG-100 kNX
• Non-shift wedge type grips (MWG)
• Strain gauge type one-touch extensometer SSG-H
• Windows software TRAPEZIUM X

Name Break Force Break Stress Break stroke Max Force Max Stroke
Unit kN N/mm2 mm kN mm
1-1 7.05724 282.290 27.6682 7.83951 18.3498
1-2 5.24435 209.774 28.6615 7.73773 17.9883
1-3 5.46401 218.561 29.0765 7.77510 18.4499

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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