Evaluating Interior Part Strength: Seat Fabric Tensile Testing

Automotive seat fabrics are usually composites, consisting of a high-quality synthetic leather exterior and an elastic sponge-like foam interior.As a result, tensile tests are performed for each production lot, with strict quality control in lot increments. However, while seat fabrics are soft, pliant materials, their shape is often warped, making it a difficult material for automated testing. To improve test efficiency, testers are used that stretch three samples simultaneously. In addition to seat fabrics, this type of multi-sample tester is also frequently used for rubber products.

• AG-10 kNX
•Load Cell 1kN 3 pcs
•Pneumatic flag grips (PFG) 1kN 3pcs
•Foot valve unit

This is an example of data acquisition via special testing software.
During testing a 3-line curve is displayed in real time, and when the test is complete, the combined results from each sample are automatically displayed together with the statistical results.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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