Tensile Test on Carbon Fibers (Reference Standards: ISO 11566:1996 / JIS R 7606:2000)

Carbon fibers are essential components of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs). They are important industrial materials because their specific gravity is 1/4 and material strength is seven times higher as compared to general ferrous materials. This experiment introduces a tensile test on a single filament of carbon fiber in accordance with the standards

Measurements and Jigs

Fig. 1: Sample and Mat (Frame Body)

In this test, the sample is fixed on a specimen mat made of a metal or resin sheet and attached on the grip as shown in Fig. 1 and then a tensile test is performed. The standards provide a detailed explanation about the shape of the mat, type of adhesive used to place a carbon fiber on the mat, and procedures to place the carbon fiber. (For details, refer to the standards.)
In the test, a clip type grip is used to adjust the clamping force according to the strength of the sample.

Measurement Results

Fig. 2

[ Table 1 Test Conditions ]
 Item   Setting Value 
 Test Speed   1mm/min 
 Grip spac   25mm 

[ Table 2 Test Results (Mean Value) ]
 Sample Name   Diameter   Tensile Strength   Breaking Elongation 
 Carbon Fiber   6μm   7.1GPa   2.84% 
 Testing machine   MST-I Type HR 
 Testing jig   1 N clip type grip (with rubber-coated grip faces), X-Y stage 
 Software   TRAPEZIUM X (Single) 


Micro Strain Tester
Micro Autograph MST-I


  • High-Precision Displacement Measurement
    A high-precision linear sensor ensures high displacement measurement precision (displacement display resolution of 0.02 μm, and displacement measurement precision of ±0.2 μm up to 5 mm displacement).
  • Measurement of Micro Test Forces
    A wide range of load cells from 0.5 N to 2 kN assures a testing force measurement precision of ±1 % from a minimum load of 2 mN.
  • High-Rigidity Frame
    The frame has an extremely high rigidity of 45 kN/mm so that highly reliable micro displacement measurement can be performed.
  • Wide Range of Options
    An X-Y stage, stereo microscope and other options allow positioning and observation of micro samples to be performed with ease. The optional heating plate allows samples to be evaluated in a heated state.
  • Data Processing Software TRAPEZIUM2
    The TRAPEZIUM2 software that already has a proven track record in the Autograph Series, can be used on the Micro Autograph, too. Its range of high-performance functions, including visual operating environment, ultra-high speed sampling, navigation function, and net upload function, can be fully utilized with ease.


Materials Testing Software

Enables Intuitive Operation

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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