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Analysis of Polysorbates

Polysorbates are popular detergents used as a stabilizer for biopharmaceuticals and the analysis of polysorbates is important for QC. This analysis can be performed without using a purification protocol.

Effective for Monitoring Degradation Conditions Due to Oxidation or Hydrolysis of Polysorbates

Automates complicated sample pretreatment steps online!
The Co-Sense for BA automatically and seamlessly performs all processes from sample pretreatment to analysis. This is achieved using a column-switching HPLC system equipped with the innovative Shimadzu Shim-pack MAYI-ODS pretreatment column and a unique on-line dilution bypass channel design.

MAYI-ODS column removes proteins quickly and reliably
Newly developed hydrophilic polymer coating technology quickly and reliably removes macromolecules, such as proteins, from injected biological samples to achieve high recovery rates for target components. In addition to ensuring analytical columns and LC/MS interfaces are protected, this also helps reduce the time required for finishing the analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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