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Amino Acid Composition Analysis (Pre-Column HPLC)

Achieves High-Speed Analysis and Automatic Derivatization of Amino Acids

Features of Pre-column HPLC Analysis

  • Fast analysis by UHPLC significantly shortens analysis time.
  • Using the automatic pretreatment functionality of the SIL-30AC autosampler for the derivatization process provides data with high reproducibility.
  • The RF-20Axs fluorescence detector offers the world’s highest sensitivity levels, enabling analysis with extremely high sensitivity.
  • The wavelength switching function included in the RF-20AXS fluorescence detector enables simultaneous analysis of the OPA-derivatized substances and FMOC-derivatived substances, which are detected at different wavelengths.
  • The system can be used to analyze a variety of substances other than amino acids.
  • The LabSolutions LC/GC integrated workstation software is equipped with a wealth of system control functions. It also provides security and electronic signature functions.

Chromatogram of a 10 μmol/L Standard Mixture Solution with 22 Amino Acid Components (1 μL injection)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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