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High-Sensitivity Glycan Analysis

Glycans in antibody drugs can contribute to a drug's antigenicity, pharmacokinetics, stability of higher-order structures, and so on. Because they can affect the stability or efficacy of pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to investigate the types of sugar chains present in antibody drugs. In addition, since non-uniformity of the glycan content in antibody drugs due to variability in cultivation parameters is a concern, the ability to control their uniformity in manufacturing processes is also desired. Techniques for evaluating glycans are strongly desired.

Fluorescence Detector Offers World-class Sensitivity

The RF-20AXS fluorescence detector offers the highest sensitivity in the world and supports ultra-high-speed analyses. In addition, it provides superior reproducibility due to the ability to better control temperatures. Highly quantitative analyses are important to evaluate glycans, especially as it relates to QC of biopharmaceuticals. Shimadzu UHPLC systems with RF-20AXS detectors can offer highly quantitative analyses, due to their outstanding sensitivity and reproducibility.


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