Comprehensive Monitoring Method for Analyzing 158 Lipid Mediator Species Using the Ultra-Fast LCMS-8050

Lipid mediator is a generic term for bioactive lipids, which are produced in the body and play a role in many biological functions. Simultaneous analysis of over 100 lipid mediator- related compounds has recently been developed by achievement of high speed and high sensitivity on a comprehensive LC/MS system. Comprehensive monitoring of the lipid mediators resulted in showing a causal relationship between lipid mediators and various disorders. A lot of isomers of lipid mediator species show the same molecular weight and MS/MS spectrum, therefore chromatographic separation is needed for identification.


Method Package for Lipid Mediators

Method Package for Lipid Mediators


Lipid mediators (bioactive lipids) have important physiological functions and have been associated with allergies, thrombosis and lifestyle-related diseases.


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